About Us

In 1978, after serving 22 years in the automotive industry with AMC Corporation, Richard L. Ryan ventured into contract packaging. Richard founded Ryan & Sons, Incorporated with his wife, June, in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Together, they purchased space for their company and began searching for customers to build their business.

AMC learned of the quality packaging provided by Ryan & Sons, and adopted the company as a third-party packager. The volume of sustained business from AMC allowed Ryan & Sons the luxury of expanding their business into a larger facility in Milwaukee.

In 1987, AMC was purchased by Chrysler Corporation. Ryan & Sons devoted their energy to providing quality work in a timely manner. This lead to the purchase of the company’s current facility at 11000 West Heather Avenue on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

Recently, Richard and June retired, handing over the reins of the business to their six children who continue to be committed to “Quality work in a timely manner”.